Welcome! - Posted by Potsie Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 11:22
Welcome to GibGames. This is just the initial rollout of the services and there is still a lot to finish up. We just wanted to get the game servers up and running for your fragging needs.
You'll notice some pieces of the web site that aren't yet in place - like the player stats - but these will be done soon.
In the mean time, feel free to make suggestions via the forums or by posting comments.
We will be running Quake2, Quake3:Arena, Unreal Tournament and Half-Life (including CS and TFC) servers here.
The hardware consists of four dual CPU (P3-450 and up) servers with a minimum of 256 MBs per, UW160 SCSI drives and dual 10/100 NICs, all connected to a nice 10/100 switch. The servers are in a colocation facility connected to an OC-192 Sonet ring. If you experience lag, check out your own provider before pissing and moaning to me. Connections dont get much better than this one.
Most importantly, spread the word. We'll be holding contests and hosting matches here and will have monthly prizes. Our intention is to make this a premier gaming place for everyone.
Thanks for stopping by!
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