Routing changes - Posted by Potsie Saturday, January 27, 2001 at 11:03
I noticed that one of the Sprintlink router has been clobbered since yesterday afternoon. This impacts many cable users, so I've submitted a request to "route around" the impacted gateway. The good news is that most DSL users aren't impacted as the majority of providers het a different gateway. This should be resolved in within 24 hours.

Also see that this site is very slow loading, so I'm probably gonna spend some time tweaking things around tonight. Might just move it to a different location since I want the game servers humming along without interruption by some large downloads.

Not much progress this week since I was so busy at work, but look for some improvements and features to be rolled out soon. Looks like we may have a few freebies come February 1st too. How about a GeForce2 and a pair or Intel CPUs? More to follow...