Happy pre-Valentines Day - Posted by Potsie Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 9:32
Only one shopping day left. Get the red panties now. And maybe something for the little lady too ;)
Got reports of people unale to connect to the CS server last night, but when I checked it out it seemed to be fine. Of course as soon as I joined the only other player on at the time had the speed cheat. Nice to see people have already hacked the latest patch that was supposed to prevent this. I think I need to start handing out rcon to more trusted people so they can ban these dickheads.
Looks like the UT Tactical Ops server is taking off. It filled up the very first night it was up and running. Welcome to our humble home! Speaking of which, I spotted this interview at VoodooExtreme.
On the Q3 side of things, I need some suggestions for servers. I have room for one or two more ports. Any ideas? Q3 Fortress maybe? Gridiron? Post your thoughts in the forums.
I'm outta here for a few days. Heading to Vegas with the ball and chain. Bringing the wife too. I'll be the drunk guy at the poker table - should be easy to spot me, eh?
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