More GeForce3 and incomprehensible ramblings ... Posted by Innocent Bystander Friday, February 23, 2001 at 18:08
Word on the street is nVidia is holding the official GeForce3 launch event on Monday which isnt too surprising given the MacWorld announcement. The moratorium on GF3 posting should be lifted at 12:00am Monday morning - as always check out the Euro hardware sites for first postage early Sunday afternooon. Now that GF3 is out what are you going to do? Bust out and buy that bad boy? or wait for a GF2 flavor as prices continue to lower on great cards? Dont count on any new GeForce3s finding their way to store shelves until late March at the earliest.

In other news... Going to try a new mod on the UT server. Let me know what you think, email works in both directions you know. All files you need to play on Gibgames UT servers will be upkoaded and listed shortly for consumption of mass quantities (of Potsie's bandwidth that is).

Barbecue, beer and Hockey... Mmmm... Its good to be a man.

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