CS Players READ THIS! ... Posted by Potsie Thursday, March 8, 2001 at 11:32
Evidently many of you don't know this, so I'll post it here. This is a message from Valve:

We are starting the rollout of the improved WON ID system for Half-Life. When fully deployed, the
updated system will use a single WON ID for all users (for those unaware, the current system
provides up to 3 IDs, 1 per AuthServer, for a user). Remember that WON IDs are based on CDKey
and users with multiple CDKeys will have 1 ID per CDKey. The updated system will stop the Unban
hack as soon as it is fully deployed.

Today, the updated system has been deployed to a single AuthServer. If all goes well, it will be
rolled out to the second AuthServer tomorrow and the third AuthServer on Thursday. Presuming
no issues, users should have a single WON ID beginning Thursday. During the rollout period, users
will either get their new WON ID or one of their old ones depending on which AuthServer they
contact. Also, the new IDs use a new sequence, so all existing WON IDs will be invalid once the
rollout period is complete. Finally, the rollout period may extend beyond Thursday if any issues
arise in the system.

For those of you maintaining lists of banned IDs on your servers, be aware that during the rollout
period, IDs will be unstable. No user will have a guaranteed WON ID until the rollout period is

The next client release is right around the corner. We'll be posting release information here when
we are ready to do the pre-release of the next official server.

Erik Johnson

This means that many, if not all, of the players on the ban list will be able to join for a while since the WON ID is no longer the same as that which I may have put in the ban list.
Thanks for the constant e-mails about the speed cheaters, but PLEASE POST THIS IN THE FORUMS! I need to know the player name and the date and time so I can get details from the log files. Thanks.

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