Couple of updates ... Posted by Potsie Tuesday, May 1, 2001 at 10:22
Still no resumption of SDSL here at the pad, so limping along with the temporary web site home. Nonetheless, I'm getting sick of staring at these video cards, so I'm going to launch the contest on Monday. We'll be giving away a GeForce 256 DDR (compliments of, a GeForce2 MX (compliements of me) and a GeForce2 Ultra (compliemnts of VisionTek). Details will appear here on Monday morning.
If you happen to win one of these, what better place to show it off or sell it than the next LANTrocity. Not sure it's a big enough event for you? Check this panoramic pic and it should put your mind at ease. The next event is May 12th. Sign up today!

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