... Posted by Potsie Saturday, May 5, 2001 at 20:35
I feel for sCary. He ran into what I hear is pretty much the standard on public servers these days:

    So I played a bit of Counter-Strike today and was having a really good (read: lucky) game with a score that was nearly
    triple anyone else. Fun! But then wonderful happened. The other players started to question my sexual orientation,
    nationality, dietary habits, and several other things. They had even offered to explore some of my orifices with all kinds
    of tools and objects.

    It was a good feeling knowing that all I have to do is play well on a Counter-Strike server and people suddenly become
    interested in me as a person and they will even fantasize about strange sexual encounters involving me. Gaming is great
    fun and a great place to meet fun exciting people.

One of the reasons it's still safe for me to play on-line... I always suck.

Happy Cinco de Mayo. We're doing Tequila shots now. You?

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