Pffft ... Posted by Potsie Wednesday, May 9, 2001 at 9:37
Couldn't put it any more concisely than Steve at Shacknews (anyone else have a hard time letting go of Shugashack?), so I'll paste his comments:

    Word from the guys at 3DChipset and RivaStation is that Asus has once again released drivers for their cards that support transparency and
    wireframe modes allowing people to cheat in online games. Everyone congratulate Asus on the no fucking consideration for the online gaming community award!
    In August of last year Asus first posted word on the new features they wanted to put into their drivers before releasing them. After the uproar of the gamers they posted a poll asking if they should and after overwhelmingly being told no they promised to not release the drivers.
    Congratulations again Asus, we all thank you.

As much as I love Asus mobos and vid cards, this whole thing caused me to stop buying their products last year. I plan to continue my boycott as I'm sure the 300+ dollars I was about to spend will send them into financial ruin.

Don't forget... we're giving away a GeForce2 MX (not from Asus), so get your creative juices flowing.

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