Happy Fathers Day! ... Posted by Potsie Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 10:21
I awoke to a funny smell coming from the office. Turns out we had a short power outage last night. When it came back on, the power supply in my gaming rig smoked. Literaly. Actually it caught on fire, but fortunately I have an aluminum case, so no damage was done (except the stench of fried electrical components). What sucks is I have about 5 PS's sitting around here, but they're all cheap 230-250 watt units that just can't handle all the LVD drives and CD-ROMS and fans and stuff. Now I get to spend Fathers Day making a trek to Fry's, the worst place on earth. I'd better start getting liquored up now!

On another note, the UT Beta 2 server has been fixed. Thanks to DeluXMan for all the help!

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It sucks. Somehow it killed one drive and caused the 50 pin of the 19160 card to stop working. Any system I put the drive in wont run and an AT power supply can't spin it and won't even power on. Weird, eh? Luckily it's still under warranty.
As for the card. Dunno. Had to pop in a 2940U2 for now. Weird shit.

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Wow, I never seen a computer catch on fire. Must have been a weird smell... Hopefully you didn't loose anything expensive in the burn-out. That would be disaster if that happened on my only,sweet,juicy, computer.


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