The aftermath ... Posted by Potsie Monday, June 18, 2001 at 12:49
Well, I'm stumped. Let me share with you what happened after our short power outage. As I posted yesterday, the PSU burned up for some strange reason. It get's really weird from there though.
When trying to resurrect the system with a new PSU, I couldn't find one that would work. So after 30 aggravating minutes I discovered that one of my LVD drives prevented the system from starting. I even connected it to an AT PSU and it would prevent the PSU from even powering up. Weird, eh? From there I discover that the CDRs in my system aren't being detected. Turns out the 19160 card no longer sees the Ultra connections - only the LVD. PFFFT! So now I have to trek to the PO to RMA the drive and the Adaptec card. Anyone else ever see anything like this from a power outage? Oddly, the system plugs into a surge protector (which DOES work) and the PSU fried when the system wasn't even turned on. How did this go so far as to destroy internal devices? WTF? Oh well... I'm way under budget on PC spending this month anyway ;)

On another note, Stomped reports that the next Q3A point release should be out "any day now." Check it:
Beta will be out within a day or so barring us finding anything major. There have been a lot of changes and stuff and we are also working toward our first internal DOOM deadline but we are pushing to get the PR out ASAP."
And with that, I'm off to the PO to mail out parts.

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