JailBreak:Prisoners of War ... Posted by Potsie Sunday, June 24, 2001 at 11:31
Just saw that it's been released. Check the site for details. Or, you can simply download here and hop on the server. Pretty much a default config, so let me know if it needs tweaking.

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Name: Potsie E-mail: Potsie@gibgames.com
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I lowered the respawn from 5 to 3. Also added a warmup of 15 seconds.
Mod looks great. Very stable and beautiful maps.

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Name: DevilDoil E-mail: devildoil@hotmail.com
Date: ip: Hidden
Thanks a bunch for setting up a server and mirroring the file for JB|PoW. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Especially with FilePlanet being bogged down by the numerous downloads.

I've got a request on top of my thanks. If you would increase the weapons repawn time on the server, that would be great. A number of JB|PoW maps were not designed for slow weapon respawn times concerning their size and amount of weapons. So what we had going earlier today was 5 or 6 guys waiting around a single weapon for it to respawn.

Again, thanx from the folks of JB|PoW.

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