New version of HL coming ... Posted by Potsie Wednesday, July 11, 2001 at 10:25
Rumor has it that in about 30 minutes we should be able to grab the latest HL executables. Of course they'll be mirrored here. At least the upgrade version. I won't be updating the servers for a day - just in case.

Damn... am I the only one too drunk to figure out what patch I need? 13 freakin versions. Can't they just consolidate all this crap? I know people bitch about the id releases, but at least they are easy to follow. None of this for HL or for CS crap. At least it looks like the servers are still compatible as I see the DMC server has been full all day. I'm gonna get some dinner and some wife and worry about this crap later.

And now that I'm back at it, I gotta say... who in the FUCK created this distribution method? How many farkin banner riddled, slow loading, excuses for mirrors that only link to other mirrors and so on will I have to go through to get the farkin file? Just put up a farkin link to the update file and quit trying to milk people for hits you lamers. I spent an hour trying to find a server that wasn't killed by the volume or maxed out in their 20 user limits. (Note to self: check connection limits here before posting sarcasm!)

Anyway, enjoy it if you can find it ;-)

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