The aftermath... ... Posted by Potsie Monday, August 6, 2001 at 17:06
Well CS players, the memory doesn't seem to have helped the stats. As such, I've reset them. Maybe this won't happen again for another 6 months and by then you'll have grown out of this phase your dad keeps bitching about ;)
Sorry to do it, but that's the way things go.
In RA3 news, I moved the CTF server to a different IP -
Lastly, a reminder that the HL spray logo contest for the awesome SCSI drive and the GF2Ultra contest both end Friday. I've seen some really good web site stuff, but no spray logos. Could be an easy way to add some SCSI lovin' to your rig! Worst case you can sell it on E-Bay for $100 ;)
Woops... one more thing. Don't forget to stop by and say "high" to the admins on our IRC channel. They get lonely from time to time and would like it if someone stopped by once in awhile to thank them for their efforts in cleaning up the servers. Connect to Gamesnet where our channel is #gibgames.

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You can either post a link in the forums, paste them into a message in the forums, or shoot an e-mail to, or myself.
Thanks for playing! :)

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hey, where do i post the sprays????

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