Two things ending ... Posted by Potsie Thursday, August 9, 2001 at 21:43
First of all, you have until midnight tomorrow to get your submission in for the GeForce2 Ultra giveaway. Also, the HL decal contest ends at the same time (see story below).
The other thing ending is the era of friendly fire being active on the TFC servers here. Not pointing any fingers, but sadly the majority of people who play here seem to do so only with the intent of taking out their own teammates. For so many this is more entertaining than playing the game correctly. Sad. Not sure why this is such a problem in the HL community. Is it because the game runs on older hardware that most children have access to? Is it because you can get the game for nine bucks at K-Mart? Not sure, but it's aggravating to me. So... fuck it. We turn it off and those who appreciated it must now be the ones who pay. Sorry. Time to get off my soap box and get a beer.

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